Braselton Tax serves individual tax payers and small business owners. We leverage advanced tax software to insure client data is secure and returns are accurate. Our process does not require in person meetings but instead uses secure web and mobile applications to exchange information.  Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) is used to provide an additional layer of security for personally identifiable information (PII) and tax data. Two-factor authentication is available to secure the client side applications.  Every return is covered by Protection Plus Tax Audit Defense.

Tax Services are delivered by web based and mobile tax software.  Our smart organizer adapts as you answer questions, focusing only on the information relevant to your tax situation. The organizer also remembers your answers from the prior year and fills in data already provided, you just add updates. The entire tax preparation process is driven by an automated workflow that moves you through each step quickly.  Most steps can be completed using your mobile phone. We are always happy to jump on a google meet to discuss live when needed. 

Continuing Education is ongoing to insure existing and new tax law are understood and accurately applied to each tax return.

Contact Bob Fuller at bob@brasetltontax.com or 470-209-1269.

Bob Fuller, Owner


Small business owner providing tax services to individuals and small business owners.

Small business owner delivering software solutions to small and large business.

Executive roles leading professional services, technology teams and strategy execution at Fortune 1000 companies.

B.S. Business Administration - Finance


Continuing Education

Surgent Comprehensive Income Tax Course

IRS VITA/TCE Program Advanced Tax Law 

IRS Annual Filing Season Program 

Intuit Tax Level 1

Intuit Tax Level 2